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A Travel to Junlebao

[日期:2015-04-20] 来历:国际处  作者:赵童遥 [字体: ]

Yesterday we class went to the Junlebao factory to have a visit, when I came into the factory, a dense yoghourt smell assailed the nostrils. It made me feel really happy~

After, a guide led us to a hall that had a lot of pictures, and then, she led us to go upstairs. It was really high-tech!! We saw that how to make yoghourt, it was so strict!!! The machines there are all automatically!!! This is my first time to see these machines by my eyes, I never see it before except in advertisement on TV.

I learned a lot yesterday, and I think I see the development of China. And I had been happy the whole day yesterday.

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* 匿名 颁发于 2017-8-30 16:31:31
开首第一句就错了 应当是our class
* 匿名 颁发于 2017-8-30 16:31:31
开首第一句就错了 应当是our class
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