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Christmas Party

[日期:2015-04-20] 来历:国际处  作者:赵童遥 [字体: ]

On December 25th, we had our Christmas party in our classroom, which is our first party since we came to the international class. In order to have a unforgettable time, my classmates get full preparation for it, for example, make Christmas objects such as Christmas tree, the reindeer, of course a pretty nice Santa Claus by hand. Then, we decorated our classroom with our enthusiasm and passion, hoping we can communicate and understand each other.

At the beginning of the party, all of the students divided into several groups. Every group sang their favorite songs. When the time to upsurge, all the teachers chorused a song, and they sang also pretty good!!! Everybody gathered here merrily!!!

When the party came to the end, we saidMerry Christmas” to each other. It was a really cool party that I ever been to!! We will never forget it.





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